4 Great Arabic Oils Perfect for your Special Lady

There are many women who prefer an oil base for their perfumery. They are more inclined towards owning fragrances that need only a few drops and last a lifetime. And this is one of the plus points of owning Arabic fragrance perfumes.

If you are looking for Arabic perfumes online in Bahrain, visit Reehat Al Atoor. Reehat Al Atoor offers of a wide exotic collection Arabic perfumes and oils that are the perfect women perfume gift set.

Here are 4 great Arabic Oils for your special lady:

  1. Mukhalat Reehat Al Atoor: A pleasant Fragrance for a pleasant beautiful woman, the Mukhalat Al Atoor is a long-lasting perfume for women which comes with the exotic blend of white musk, Saffron, Patchouli, Rose, and Amber.

  2. While Musk Oil: As the name suggests, the White Musk Oil has Musk, along with Amber and Vanilla as its base notes, and jasmine, rose, Lily, and honey in its middle and top notes. A signature from Reehat Al Atoor, this is bound to add to your woman’s charm just the way she wants and you like.

  3. Shama Oil: The Shama Oil brings to you the scent of Saffron and Rose complemented with Sandal. This one is the perfect complement to your woman’s elegance and charm which you fell for when you first saw her.

  4. Dehnal Oud Oil: Oud, also known as liquid gold, is one of the rarest and expensive oils fragrant in the world. Coming from the Agar tree, it has a strong musky wood smell of high potent. Essentially an Arabic oriental, this is the perfect solution for best anniversary gifts for her. After all, the Oud is rare. And so is your lady.

Other than these, there are many other exotic perfumes with lots of scents and blends at Reehat Al Atoor that can be great women perfume gift set. All you have to do is visit or dial +973 16666717 and place your order.