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7 Scents and How You Can Layer Them the Right Way

Fragrance layering plays an important in making perfume. Each scent has its unique properties which, when mixed with another scent, offers another completely different fragrance. There are many such notes which go great with some while not so much with others. Here, Reehat Al Atoor helps you figure out which note goes great with which. It has a huge collection of exotic fragrances made from Oud, Musk, Woody, Vanilla, Floral and many others. Each of these easily falls under the category of being the best perfume for women as well as men. It offers all the above-mentioned aromas in different blends to bring you unique scents. However, for someone who is more into perfumes than others and loves collecting them, here is our guide for fragrance layering:

  1. Family Scent: Floral
  2. Floral scent has dominant notes of Rose and Jasmine i.e. sweet and delicate. These are best layered with Oud, Vanilla, Musk and Leather. The Secret Perfume from Reehat Al Atoor is a great choice here.

  3. Family Scent: Citrus
  4. This one includes Orange and lime, and stand for brightness and freshness. They best go with Wood, Leather, Floral and Aromatic.

  5. Family Scent: Oud
  6. Reehat Al Atoor is one of the most famous Arabic perfume brands that offers great Oud-based perfumes, like the Dehnal Oud Spray, Oud Muattar Aged, Oud Muattar Shomoi and others.
    Oud has a deep, sophisticated woody note which goes best when layered with Floral, Rose, Woody and Vanilla.

  7. Family Scent: Woody
  8. The base notes are sandalwood, cedarwood, with a warm earthy touch. They are best layered with Floral, Vanilla, Citrus and Oud.

  9. Family Scent: Fruity
  10. Here you get pears and berries as the base notes which are juicy and playful. You can layer them with Musk, Oud and Citrus.

  11. Family Scent: Musk
  12. Another very popular aroma used by Reehat Al Atoor, this has an animalic, soft and warm base note. It goes well with Wood, Floral, and aromatic layers.

  13. Family Scent: Vanilla
  14. A very common choice among the best perfume for women, vanilla has gourmand notes that are smooth, and richly sweet. The go great when layered with Floral, Oud, and Woody notes.

Reehat Al Atoor is your one-stop destination for authentic Arabian perfumery. Choose from a wide range of the best perfume for men and women, including the ones mentioned above and create the perfect charm. To know more about what we have to offer, visit or dial +973 16666717.