best perfumes in Bahrain

Embrace the Charm of Arabia with the 3 Enchanting Perfumes and Oils for Women

Arabia, the name of the magical land has always allured everyone around the world. Be it the westerners from the US or the ones from the furthest oriental continents, everyone has come and lost their heart to this magical country. The Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, has created some amazing assets that ooze the same alluring splendor.

One of such things is their collection of perfumes and oils. At Reehat Al Atoor, we cater to your inherent needs of everything classy and luxurious with the authentic and best perfumes in Bahrain that remind you of Arabian heritage with every drop.


Available in the captivating blue bottle with silver embellishment and minakari work, Afaque is an enchanting scent for women. Comes as a blend of citrus and jasmine, it is addictive and a perfect choice when you are looking for the birthday or best anniversary gifts for her.

Bint Al Sultan

If you are looking for something fruity and flowery note that will keep you happy and positive for the whole day, then Bint Al Sultan should be your pick. The traditional minimal bottle speaks of class and luxury.

Mukhalat Malaki

The talk about the authentic fragrances from the land of magic, Arabia, will never be complete if we don’t mention their collection of natural oils. Mukhalat Malaki is an amazing signature creation of Reehat Al Atoor that contains notes of flower, lemon, fruits, and wood. Alluring and feminine, this is the best choice when you are looking for the most popular perfumes for women.

If you are looking for the most authentic collection of luxury Arabic perfumes, then come to us. Visit or drop by at our stores Sheraton Complex (Moda Mall) or Seef Mall today.