Mukhalat Reehat Al Atoor- One of the Most Popular Orientals at Reehat Al Atoor

Reehat Al Atoor has been providing perfume-lovers with their most cherished perfumes for years now. And needless to say, one of its most popular oriental perfumes is the Mukhalat Reehat Al Atoor.

An organic Arabic perfume, the Mukhalat Reehat Al Atoor brings together the perfect blend of White Musk, Saffron along with a touch of Patchouli, Rose, and Amber. Here, we shall be talking about each of these ingredients and what makes them so special.

White Musk

The Musk has been, for a long time, used in various popular perfumes for women. As for the smell, white musk has a passing floral tonality and provides for a woody earthy impression. Originally, musk was harvested from the male musk deer, hence the name. Some even say that musk smells like skin itself. Hence, it has its ever-familiar yet unique smell.


Known as “red gold”, saffron is one of the most ancient Arabic perfume ingredients. It has a distinctive earthy smell which may find honeyed or hay-like. What makes it masculine is the leathery quality it carries.


Patchouli adds richness which is unlike anything else. This is because it is the most powerful of all plant-derived scents. It has a sweet, spicy, and cedary smell which makes it an important ingredient in many perfumes of our Arabic perfumecollection.


A cornerstone of perfumery, roses carry femininity in them perfectly. If a perfume is termed as the best perfume for women, it will surely have rose as one of its ingredients. Noted as musky, clove-like, woody, and even fruity, one thing remains constant i.e. romantic.


Erotic, that’s the word to describe amber truly. It carries an animalic quality along with warmth. They add a cozy-sexiness and depth to a fragrance.

Reehat Al Atoor is home to the most exotic Arabic perfumes along with the Mukhalat Reehat Al Atoor which is one of its bestsellers. To get your hands on it, or to find out more about authentic Arabic perfume, visit www.reehatcom or dial +973 16666717.