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3 Simple Tricks to Make Your Best Arabic Perfumes Long Lasting

Have you invested in a luxurious Arabian perfume lately? Were you just beginning to enjoy an oriental scent on you when it began to fade away? Yes, some perfumes can just fade away too quickly. This certainly does not mean that your perfume was not good but sometimes lighter notes tend to have that result. You just have to wear it correctly to make it last longer.

We, at Reehat Al Atoor, have some of the best Arabic perfumes which have a long-lasting impact. But if you further add a few tricks here and there, it will ensure you smell great all day without even having to spray the entire bottle on yourself. It is all about where you apply and how to apply the fragrance. Here, we have a few tricks that will make your favorite perfume last longer. Take a look.

Use Petroleum Jelly before Spraying

The most common tip that you can try is using a petroleum jelly. Use this jelly on the pulse points like your wrists, behind the knees, ears, and your neck. You may also use on the ankles and calves. There is an ointment in the petroleum jelly which helps to get that long lasting perfume for women.

Avoid Storing the Perfume in the Bathroom

In order to make your scent last longer, you have to maintain it right. Simply buying some of the most popular perfumes for women will not help you enjoy its impact to the fullest. Many people tend to store their perfume bottles in the bathroom. But the humidity and dampness inside the bathroom can break it down and weaken the fragrance. Keep it somewhere else instead.

Moisturize the Skin

It is a known fact that your skin type plays a key role in the impact of a perfume on you. It has been proved that dry skin cannot hold a fragrance for too long. That is why you have to always moisturize before applying the perfume if you want to retain the scent longer. And make sure the moisturizing lotion you are using is unscented.

So, if you are indulging in an expensive perfume yourself or have planned to get a perfume as the best anniversary gifts for her, you should consider these amazing tricks. Buy an Arabian perfume from us today and make the most of these tricks!