Swathe Yourself in an Arabic Perfume with These 3 Tips

Are you obsessed with Arabic scents? Well, if you are a lover of perfumes, you will surely have recognized the beauty of these fragrances. Be it the soothing lavender or jasmine or the more passionate vanilla or musk, these unique aromas have a character of their own. You can easily get your hands on them from many international brands. And to smell like spices, flowers, or fruits from the Middle East is truly a luxury.

We, at Reehat Al Atoor, bring you an exquisite collection of the best Arabic perfumes for men and women. We are known for our sophisticated and luxurious essence that truly bring out your elegant personalities and in fact add to your charm. But before you explore our perfumes, you must understand how to wear these perfumes by the Arabs.

Here, we have put together a few tips that will help you wear an Arabic perfume perfectly. Take a look.

1. Use the Right Amount

When it comes to Arabic perfumes, less is more. You should use the right quantity of perfumes. Using more than required can make the fragrance overpowering and might not suit the personality you have. And it might be overwhelming for people around you too.

2. Consider the Season

Arabic scents might seem similar but there are variations. Go for the gentle and subtle notes during summer like the floral accords. You can try the Basra or Bint Al Sultan from our range of perfumes. And for winters, go for wood or spice mixes or something as strong as musk. Passion spray from our collection is a great option for winters too.

3. Be a Little Brand Conscious

Last but not the least, if you want to charm of the Arabic perfumes to work perfectly, you have to choose a good brand. Arabic perfumes are popular and you might find it at many places. But this does not necessarily mean that you will get the same quality of the best perfume for men or women everywhere. Be a little choosy and go for renowned brands which have a wide collection.

So, take these down and start hunting for your fragrance with Reehat Al Atoor now. Happy shopping.